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Our Design Team

Jeff Jackson


Jeff is the owner of Davisville Kitchens.

Jeff grew up in the building supply business. As a kid working in his family’s lumber stores, he started off sweeping floors and stocking shelves and soon worked up to cashier, later working in the lumber yard and finally heading up the service desk. At a very young age, Jeff learned what customer service really means and came to understand its importance to and centrality in cultivating a successful and sustainable business.

Jeff believes that nurturing long-term customer relationships goes hand-in-hand with supporting and investing in the community. That’s why, headed by Jeff, Davisville Kitchens strives to give back to the community as much as possible, by engaging and supporting other local businesses, sponsoring local youth sports teams, and contributing to local charities and events.

Jeff considers it a privilege to be personally connected with every client, and also with every community project that Davisville Kitchens supports.

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Amanda Rose


Amanda is the lead designer and showroom manager at Davisville Kitchens.

Amanda has a passion for design. Originally starting out in graphic design working with two dimensional layout and colour, Amanda soon yearned for more interactive work, something that would have a truly tangible impact on people’s everyday lives. After pursing further education in interior design, she found her niche in residential design.

Though Amanda craves organization, she is also enamored by pretty things and thrives on a little bit of the unexpected. She creates highly functional and well-conceptualized spaces that represent her clients’ tastes and personality while harnessing her own design expertise and artistic eye. She prides herself on customer service and works tirelessly to ensure that her clients are always in the loop, from design to installation.

Amanda’s tireless passion for her work means that each project inspires fresh new ideas. She never fails to capitalize on an opportunity to create an interesting and innovative space that brings her client the deepest sense of satisfaction.

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Gail Hamilton


Davisville Kitchens is committed to cultivating and investing in the brightest new generation of emerging young designers. An outstanding example of a rising star in interior design, Gail Hamilton is currently a design assistant who brings her passion for design, business experience, interior decorating education, organizational skills and attention to detail to each project.

Working collaboratively in support of our design team, Gail continues to gain valuable knowledge and experience in all aspects of project planning, design and execution.

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Janelle Farley


Janelle is a designer at Davisville Kitchens and a graduate of the Interior Design program from Sheridan College. Janelle has always had a passion for design; specializing in residential Kitchens and Bathrooms. She has over 12 years of experience in all aspects of design and renovation. Janelle is extremely focused and dedicated to her clients and works diligently to ensure they are informed throughout every step of the renovation; from conceptualization to installation. Her attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to design is evident in every project. She is able to combine different styles with a sophisticated perspective that elevates her designs. Janelle has a natural ability to create cohesive designs with new and innovative products, luxurious finishes and unexpected colour combinations.

Janelle’s passion and dedication for her work means she will harness each new project and opportunity to create a beautiful, functional space that her clients will enjoy day in and day out!

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Marco Pagniello


Marco is a designer at Davisville Kitchens.

A Toronto native with a degree in architectural technology, Marco has invested over a decade in the kitchen design industry. Known for his clean and contemporary design aesthetic and his knack for uniting form and function, Marco has worked with hundreds of satisfied clients. Clients describe Marco as very detail-oriented and committed to helping them transform their kitchen dreams into reality.

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